Versatility: Being an aircraft easy to handle both in Land and Water operations, many of our customers were led to switch from their older ultralights to the Super Petrel. Thatís why theyíre also preferred by those looking forward to having their first aircraft. Itís capable of land and water take off and landing operations in short distances.

Safety: The maintenance program and the EDRA- provided practical and theoretical training for pilots, added to the high quality construction of all aircraft made by us contribute to keep a very impressive safety record unchanged.

Low Operation Costs: Regarding performance, the Super Petrel aircraft is similar to the small single engine light aircrafts, but when coming to operation costs Super Petrelís are lower as experimental aircraft offering an advantageous cost/benefit ratio.

Comfort: Most ultralights have little internal and cabin space, and are hardly comfortable. Super Petrel aircraft are provided with larger cockpit and a nice interior upholstery. Two people can be accommodated comfortably and carry two hand bags or approximately 50 lbs of load.